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Warranty & Returns Policy

Warranty & Returns Policy

Warranty & Returns Policy applicable only to products purchased through and
Warranty covers product body and parts with the following conditions

We reserve the rights to make changes to information and policy without advance notification


1. 1-Year Warranty starting on the day you receive the product (with applicable conditions)
2. The warranty only covers parts or spare parts of the product that are production defects
3. You are required to provide evidence of purchase indicating date of purchase, model, product brand and purchase documents in order to verify the warranty benefits
4. The warranty does not cover nor include the followings:
      4.1 Damages or malfunction resulting from wrong or improper usage or any maintenance or parts changes/replacement that are not from the company / approved by the company or done by company's technician / company approved service center
      4.2 Improper test, experiment, maintenance, setup, modification, work environment, mistakes, carelessness, negligence of proper conduct or misunderstanding as well as improper/modified/adaptive usage
      4.3 Wears and tears of parts and body such as rubber/silicon seal, gears, blades, bowls, light bulbs, brushes, batteries, heaters, gears, control switches, glasses, filters, stone plates, floaters, legs/stands, oil/grease, tape, belts, electric wires, plugs, other consumables and those of similar nature
      4.4 Mistakes, damages and malfunctions resulting from extrinsic factors / factors outside of control of the product / energy or utility source failures / inadequacy or failure from other parties, facilities or place of operation such as incorrect water / gas / electricity supply, incorrect/different electricity /gas usage than indicated by the manufacturer
      4.5 Damages from natural disasters/casualties such as flood, storm, fire, lightning etc. including stain or damage from animals or insects
      4.6 Damages resulting from accidents, politics, war
      4.7 Scratches and damages on surface area resulting from use, time, wears and tears.
      4.8 Product or parts which lack proper and adequate maintenance by company’s approved technician resulting in damages
5. In case the company considers your product covered by warranty, we reserve the rights to decide suitable replacement of parts/maintenance or procedures for your remedy with no cash refunds in any cases

Exchanges and Returns

Your purchase is eligible for exchange / return only when the followings terms and conditions are met and complete

1. Within 7 days from the date product is received, the product is eligible for Exchanges and Returns
      1.1 The Exchanges and Returns is only applicable to production defects and mistakes in delivery transport. The product and packaging (if any) must remain in primary condition, unused and undamaged
      1.2 All documents must be returned within 7 days from the date product is received. Your purchase is not eligible for Exchanges and Returns if the submission is completed after 7 days

2. In order to apply for Exchanges and Returns process, you must send the product and packaging (if any) back to us. The product and packaging (if any) must be in complete condition, clean and has no wears and tears or damages from use
      2.1 We reserve the rights to examine the product conditions before initiating the Exchanges and Returns process
3. Please make sure to have your order number, order details and record vdo clips upon receiving and unpacking your order in order to verify the product condition. Without said vdo records, your purchase is not eligible for Exchanges and Returns in any cases
4. Your product is eligible for Exchanges and Returns only within 7 days from the date product is received. All Exchanges and Returns is subjected to 5% surcharge
5. Customers are responsible for transportation / shipping cost both in returning the product and when we send the new exchange in case Exchanges and Returns occurs from dissatisfaction 
6. Customers must fill in Exchanges and Returns Form and attach both a signed ID copy and a signed bank account detail copy (For safety please kindly mark “for product Exchanges and Returns request only” on your documents) 
7. Once the refund is approved, we will refund back via bank transfer within 20 working days after all requested documents are complete
8. We do not accept Exchanges and Returns in case of the followings
      8.1 Products not purchased via or
      8.2 Purchase exceeding 7 days (from the date product is received)
      8.3 Products with damage resulting from customers’ own use or operations
      8.4 Products or purchases that are not met by Exchange and Refunds terms & conditions and warranty policy
9. We reserve the rights to make changes to information and policy without advance notice

Terms and Conditions for payments via Credit Card / Alipay / WeChat Pay / True Money / LINE Pay / Grab Pay

1. We will send you an amount summary before you will be making any payment
2. It is necessary for you to make sure that all details are correct before you make payment. Details and information are required to be filled in personally
3. We are not liable for mistakes / leak / theft of any information resulting from carelessness, lack of proper protection or guarding by you / third party / other people
4. There is 3% transaction fee of total amount in using this payment channel. This transaction fee cannot be refunded in any cases once the transaction is made
5. All product exchange / refunds must follow the Exchange and Refunds terms & conditions and warranty policy
6. Other service fees / transaction fees / interests related to banks and financial institutions are agreement and decision made between you and financial institutions which we are not liable and will not refund nor compensate in any exchange / refunds that may occur or any cases at all
7. You have thoroughly read and understood our terms and conditions and financial service provider’s before making payment via this payment channel

Exchanges & Returns
การชำระเงินด้วย บัตรเครดิต/บริการทางการเงินอื่นๆ
Shipping & Delivery Policy

Shipping and Delivery Policy

Service Area - Bangkok and Metropolitan*

*Bangkok and Metropolitan service area : Bangkok Nonthaburi Pathumthani Nakhonpathom Samutsakhon Samutprakan

Terms and Conditions

  • We will arrange and ship your order after your payment is verified.

  • Products are shipped out from us within 3-7 working days. In case of other scheduling, our staff will get in touch with you.

  • We are happy to offer free delivery for order amount equal to or above 10000 Baht/order. Delivery fee applies to order amount under 10000 Baht/order.

  • After verifying your payment, our staff will notify your delivery date via your registered e-mail. Our delivery staff may contact you via phone on the day of delivery.

  • If you find the scheduled delivery date inconvenient, please kindly contact us before the day of delivery.

  • In case that the delivery is made on the scheduled date but our staff finds no recipient or is unable to contact you to make the delivery, your order will be returned to us and delivery fee of 300 Baht will apply to re-deliver your order.

  • For more information, please kindly contact us. Our staff is happy to assist you during our business hours 08.30 am - 17.30 pm

Service Area - Other Provinces

Terms and Conditions

  • We will arrange and ship your order after your payment is verified.

  • You will receive an automatic response e-mail after you check-out and finish your order process on the website. Our staff will also get in touch with you to notify the shipping service fee and total summary via your registered e-mail.

  • Shipping weights and sizes of our products can be larger than general parcels, we reserve the rights to consider and choose an appropriate logistic company. In case you have a specific logistic company in mind, please kindly contact us. Our staff is happy to assist and provide consultation for you.

  • Products are shipped out from us within 3-7 working days (usually takes around 7-10 days to arrive at your address). You can contact our staff for the status of your order and you can contact the logistic company for your delivery schedule.

  • For your benefits, please immediately check your products when they are delivered. Should you have any questions, please contact us at Tel. 02-4595391 or 065-1199125.

  • Our staff is happy to assist you during our business hours 08.30 am - 17.30 pm

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