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Fast and Quick way to clean your CHAMP blender so you can continue to blend...

Most households, restaurants and beverage vendors have at least one smoothie blender and there is a fast and quick way to clean it without reaching in too close to the knives!

This method comes in very handy especially in high-time or rush hour when you need to quickly clean the bowl and continue to make your customers orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here are the simple steps:

1. fill with clean water (carefully keep the bottom dry)

2. add a few drops of dish soap

3. close the lid well and plug in the blender

4. turn on the power and blend the cleaning solution

5. in a minute you can power off your blender and put away soap water

6. rinse the bowl with clean water

For your blender to serve you for a long time, be cautious to prevent water/liquid from the base and the bottom of the bowl

Looking for a maintenance service? All CHAMP Service Centers nationwide are willing to help provide suitable service and care for your CHAMP products


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